What our pictures say about us…

It has been a while since I have uploaded any pictures to my blog, so here is the first batch of vacation images.  These are ones from my camera, and they cover time at our condo, the Tampa children’s museum, an ice cream outing, a park trip, and some silly faces.  As I was looking through them, I made a couple of observations/conclusions about our family, some true and some false

1.   Shawn always carries Sidney in the baby-carrier (false…it just so happens that I take pictures of Shawn with Sidney when he is carrying her.  Probably because my hands are free.

2.  Our kids like to be naked/without at least one major article of clothing. (very true)

3.  Our kids faces are always dirty. (mostly true?)

4.  Adrian is scared of water. (adorably so)

5.  Sidney is a good sleeper and enjoys her car seat. (mostly true)

6.  Adrian will accept help readily and from me. (mostly false…especially when I am involved.  Someone, please tell me he will get out of Daddy-mode at some point…preferably soon…)

7.  Adrian and Brendan have a lot of hair…Shawn and Grandpa don’t. (look and see!)

8.  Adrian and Grandpa are buddies. (true, true)

9.  We all like ice cream. (of course)

How we do Family Vacation

Keep it cool (dollar cones on Wednesday, half gallons at our condo, 3 dollar twisters on Thursday)

Keep it flowing (pool, beach, dancing water, rain, baths, showers (even two in one day!), repeat)

Keep it playful (Settlers of Catan, goofing around with Uncle Brendan, Tampa Children’s Museum)

Keep it active (five mile beach walks, wave riding in a wind storm, stroller pushing down the pier, castle building, kite flying, golf, the occasional squat and sit-up)

Keep it conversational (politics, current hot topics, stories, technology, babies, basketball, Tiger, McDonald’s, choice)

Keep it full (Brazilian steakhouse, pizza nights, chicken, bagel morning, snack drawer, ice cream, watermelon, cold cuts, egg sandwiches, banana nut bread, apple pie)

Keep it hydrated (coffee, tea, Ice, pop, wine, water)

Keep it social (Great-Grandpa, Aunt Barb, and Uncle Ray)

Throw in a few temper tantrums, a couple shopping trips, a beach view, HGTV and Sports Center, a few good books, late nights, early mornings, a couple of parks, a child who talks non-stop, a child who runs non-stop, and a child who rolls non-stop…

I couldn’t ask for a better vacation.  Allison and Claire – we miss you.  Mom, Dad, Brendan, Shawn, and the kiddos – thank you.

Repeat, please?


Two locations I’d like to highlight in the Madeira Beach area:

Best deals on ice cream and so many flavors!  If you are anywhere close, check out Twistee Treat.  2 dollar sundaes on Tuesday, 1 dollar cones on Wednesday, and 3 dollar Twisters on Thursday.


TerraMar Brazilian Steakhouse.  Calling all carnivores!  Great hometown place with a ton of charm and delicious food.  Plus, the price is so reasonable.  $16.99 for all you can eat buffet and nine different types of meats served to the table.  Got my fill on iron for the year!  Loved the chicken drumstick, steak kabob, and top sirloin.  Good stuff.  I take that back.  Great stuff.  I treated Shawn, my dad, and my grandpa for Father’s Day.  We had a terrific time at a terrific place.