What Spring Break Means These Days…

1.  Cookies for breakfast and lunch.

2.  Pulling an all-nighter (see my previous post about GOLD).

3.  Lunch @ Olive Garden with the hubster, the littlest one, and a gift card.

4.  March Madness Round One.

5.  Conference in Mississippi.

6.  More writing time.

7.  Mid-week play-date.

8.  Sleeping in until 7:30…twice.

9.  Guilt-free pinning to plan Riley’s fourth birthday party.

10.  A twelve-pack of diet root beer.

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In the past couple of days, my awake/asleep time has been adjusted.  This is the result of a couple of things:

1. Sidney sleeping longer stretches.  Woot!  For instance, she slept from around 8 until almost 4 this morning.

2.  Big kids bedtime @ 8:00pm.  For this to happen, either Shawn or I usually need to lie down with the kids in their room.  The last couple of nights, I wanted to get up around 10, but that so did not happen.  Instead, I sleep until Sidney wakes me up, and now I am up for the day.

So instead of staying up later and working, I’m now getting up earlier to work.  If I need to, I think I will try to keep going to bed earlier, but also wake up earlier when I need more time…maybe set the alarm for around 2 or 3…  I am starting to like the new schedule for a couple reasons.

1.  I can’t clean in the early morning hours for fear of waking up hubby or big kids.

2.  Once I’m up, I usually feel pretty good and ready to work.

I am still working on remembering that this is not exactly found time and that I need to try to be productive.  Sometimes, I can convince myself that I can treat myself to more Pinterest time since I’m up so early…Pinterest vs. reading for school…that can be a tough battle at 4 in the morning.

Sid-tastic is falling back to sleep as we speak…time for a quick shower and then it’s back to the books!

Happy morning!