How We Celebrated Our 8th Wedding Anniversary

Shawn taught all day.

I taught all morning.  Then I scored essays all afternoon (for almost four hours straight!).

We met up at 6:25 at a gym near our house, just in time for me to take Sidney and Riley, so Shawn could do a parent/child gymnastics class with Adrian.

During the class, I scarfed down a bunch of chips from Moes.  Shawn had picked up food before the class.  Does this count as going out for our anniversary?

When we all got home at 7:30, I read to Riley and got her into bed while Shawn watched the littles.

At 8:00, we worked together to get ready for today: cleaning bottles, making lunches, repacking bags, and setting out clothes.  So celebratory.

At 8:15, I fed and rocked Sidney to sleep.

At 8:30, I sat down with a big bowl of banana bread cobbler and ice cream.  Shawn was unwinding on his computer after inhaling his burrito from Moes.

At 9:00, I watched half an episode of Slings and Arrows.

Then I called it a night.  Shawn tucked me in, and I was out.


While we have plans to go out at some point for our anniversary, the day was really, really great.  Full.  Busy.  At work and at home.  And at home, we were surrounded by our little ones.  The pre-bedtime hours were filled with their small voices, their breathless requests for another story, another hug, more milk, their little bodies moving from room to room, blankets flung about.  And then the eventual calm as one by one they succumbed to sleep, Riley first, then Sidney, and finally out little man.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the day, really.  There’s a certain magic that accompanies the flow state of family life, and last night, we were in it.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

And of course, there was that big bowl of banana bread cobbler…

Love you, Babe.  More and more each day.  Ours is still the Greatest Story Ever Told.

It doesn’t get any more romantic than this…

Setting: Our house…getting ready for bed…kids are already asleep….all three of them…I’m wearing leggings and a cami…

Linz: “My stomach isn’t looking too bad.  I mean, Sidney’s not even two months old (but she will be tomorrow!).  Right?”

Shawn: “It’s fine.”

Linz: “Fine?  Really?  Fine?”

Shawn (after looking again): “Well, actually you are a little top heavy.”

(I’m nursing, and beyond health benefits for baby and calories burned, the increase in cup size is a terrific boon of breastfeeding!)

Linz: “”Top heavy?  That’s how you try to save yourself?  I’ve brought three of your children into this world.  Good one.”

Can you tell we’ve been married for seven years?  Hope everyone else gets a little more flattery and sweetness from their significant others this Valentine’s Day!  Especially if you’ve recently had a baby.