Riley’s Summer Exit Interview

Riley’s Self-Pic

1.  What was your favorite adventure this summer?

The one that we find the leaves and different seeds (she’s referring to a nature scavenger hunt we started at the Athens Botanical Gardens).

2.  What was your favorite thing we baked together?

Those yummy brownies we made yesterday.

3.  What was your favorite thing we played at home?


4.  What was your favorite outside activity?


5.  What was your favorite dinner we made this summer?

My fried rice with meatballs (the dish I made last night!).

6.  What was your favorite thing about the summer?

Oh, that’s a tough question.  Bouncing on the couch like this (followed by a demonstration), reading books, watching TV, and playing games on my momma’s computer.  And that’s all.

7.  What are you going to miss the most about summer when you go back to school?

Playing games.

8.  What did you like the most about hanging out with Adrian?

To play with him.

9.  What do you like about playing with your brother?

Mmm.  That’s a tough one.  I don’t know.  (With some prompting).  Yeah, laughing with him.

10.  What did you most like about hanging out with Sidney?

To play with her.  To tickle her.

11.  What did you not like about the summer?

To not get my way.  Like when you don’t read me books when I want to read them.  Like on movie night (Okay, I should just say that we have read to Riley and Adrian and Sid every night except for one or two when we let them watch a longer movie at night.).

12.  What was your favorite He-Man and She-Ra story?

That one when they couldn’t swim.  The water one.  And those pools that they had to throw the stick in the water and it bubbled and hissed and hissss, hisssss.  That one.

13.  What was your favorite treat this summer?

Getting donuts today!  That’s today, momma. (I took Riley to Ike and Jane’s after dropping the littles off at daycare.  I wanted to do something special with her to celebrate today, and I loved going out to breakfast or out for coffee with my parents when I was growing up.  Pretty much the best start to a special day in my books.)


Riley: Mommy, can we be done now with questions?

Me: How about two more?

Riley: Okay.


14.  What did you learn this summer?

What I learned is that when somebody’s pastry is sitting on a counter (like at Panera), we don’t steal the sprinkles.  (You can guess how she learned this lesson and how embarrassed I was.  Riley (and Adrian), the Sprinkle Thieves.)

15.  What was your favorite accomplishment?

That’s a tough one.  How about a different question that that?

16.  Do you know what accomplishment means?

No.  No, momma.

17.  How about, what are you most excited about with school starting?

My backpack.  (With more prompting…).  A sandwich holder?  (With more prompting…)  Oh, to color mommy a picture.


Riley: Okay, Momma.  It’s time to go camping.

Me: Yes, let’s go (camping in the play room that is).


Tomorrow, I won’t be able to say that.  So today, yes, we’re going camping.

Someone, please tell me why…

…my daughter prefers to be naked to wearing clothing.

…my legs look better in a mirror at the gym than anywhere else.

…Pinterest is so addicting.

…baby poop is so fascinating.

…my husband doesn’t see mess unless directed to see it.

…teachers are undervalued.

…babies collect lint in the palms of their hands.

…my eyes are rebelling against my contacts.

…someone hasn’t cured plaque yet.

…toddlers feel the impulse to color every surface they come across once they have a marker in hand.

…kids prefer to wear food on their faces to having their faces washed.

Oh, the things we wonder about!  Now back to a fussy baby, Downton Abbey, and reading about databases…

Happy Sunday!