Big Days for the Little People (and me)

Part I

Adrian said goodbye to his pacifier this weekend!  A little earlier than we had anticipated, but we had to jump the gun when the state of his current paci rendered it useless (peanut butter somehow got inside of it…).  So we all piled into the car and headed out to Toys-R-Us.  To help Riley give up her paci, we got her a scooter.  To help ease Adrian’s transition and look forward to the summer, we got him a sandbox.  Strapped it on the car, and off we went!  At home, we told Adrian he would have to surrender his paci so we could open his present.  No hesitation there.  Then we ate dinner, the kids played in the sandbox, and we did bath time.  Such a nice, enjoyable family night!

Then bedtime hit.  And Adrian realized what he had surrendered.  Let’s just say it was a long night.  We’ll see how night two goes.  I have to say, I am thrilled by how communicative he is now that he doesn’t have his paci.  He seems so grown-up, such a big boy in just a day!

Part II

Riley went to her Pre-K orientation this morning.  To celebrate, we had bagels at Panera for breakfast.  All morning, she kept saying, “Today is a really big day for me.  I’m getting so big.”  And she is right.  At the school, we got to see both classrooms and watch one class in action for about five minutes.  We were probably only there for 30 minutes max.  Unfortunately, because it was so quick, I didn’t think of any questions until after we left.  Now I have a ton!  How much art time?  Homework?

Reflective Ramblings… 

I get that this was just orientation and that she is only starting Pre-K, but I have to admit this upcoming transition to her starting public school and driving to work with Shawn has me a little sad.  I have loved our time together in the mornings (well, maybe not every morning but most, definitely most).  And sure I will be up when she leaves in the fall (and probably still help get her dressed, washed, hair brushed, etc.), but it won’t be the same.  I already know I will have a hard time with our kids getting older.  Already, they are all growing so fast.  I need my remote control button for life.  I want to pause, linger on these sweet, crazy, full to bursting moments when all three of them are so adorable and close and mostly ours.  Next year, Riley will have 22 kids in her class instead of just 10.  She’ll have a new teacher.  She’ll have a new school of influences and experiences raining down on her.  She’ll have more thoughts and ideas and start to become even more of a separate person, an individual.  And I am thrilled about that, thrilled about all of the learning and experiences and fun and challenges life is going to start offering up to her – oysters everywhere.  But that means she is going to need me less, and that’s what scares me.  Finally, maybe in the last two months or so, I finally really feel like a mom.  And I love being a mom.  I love caring for, thinking about, talking to, cuddling with, and loving my children.  I know these activities will continue, but I am more aware of how fragile, how quick, how sweet this time is.  Right now.  And I just want it to last a little longer.  A lot longer.  Maybe forever.

Part III

Sidney tried her first spoonful or so of rice cereal.  She laughed and barely ate any of it, which was pretty much what I expected.

Part IV

Tomorrow is my last big day for the semester (attending class and teaching).  I am in the home-stretch!  My classes have been terrific, and I am sorry to see them end (though I do need a bit of a break…).  Really, if all my semesters are like my last two with amazing teachers, reading lists, peers, and discussions, I will be quite happy!

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Please tell me this is a phase…

Riley is obsessed with three phrases right now, all in a similar theme:


Butt butt

Bootie butt

And she will use them in creative ways, too.

1.  I was singing the ABC’s in the car the other day.  Riley starts to sing along…

“A, B, C, D, E, F, POOP…next time won’t you POOP.”

2.  This is the version of Little Bunny Foo-Foo that she sang on our walk yesterday:

“Little bunny BUTT BUTT hopping through the forest, scooping up the field mice and bopping them on their BUTTs….I’ll give you three chances and then I’m going to turn you into a BUTT.”

3.  Or sometimes, she just likes to go around the house with her rear end cocked out, saying:

“Do you like my BOOTIE BUTT?  I like my BOOTIE BUTT!”

Please explain to me how this happens!  And why?  It’s not like Shawn and I go around saying things like this.  Sure, we change songs and make them personal, but in cute and endearing ways that usually just involve our kids’ names or introducing animals to the bus (for “The Wheels on the Bus”).

So far, this has been going on for two weeks.  She doesn’t talk like this when we are all out in public, and she assures me she doesn’t talk like this at school (but I may need to check with her teachers).  And sometimes, it is so freakin’ funny!  The ways she thinks to bring POOP or BUTT into a conversation can be pretty creative.  We’ve been trying to ignore it, but it is persisting.  We’ve also let her know we don’t like when she talks like that.  I don’t really think this is time-out worthy.  She isn’t gross or mean about it.  She cracks herself up about it.

So that’s what’s going on in our house these days!

Do we just wait this out?  Keep trying to ignore these phrases?  Any other ideas?