New(ish) Home Accessories

1.  My little sister got me this spoon rack to use as a jewelry holder on Girls’ Weekend in Berkeley Springs, WV.  It looks great on my dresser.  Kind of classic, kind of funky, and so me!

2.  My parents gave me this old tin candle holder, and I needed a key holder.  I picked out a hook and a knob, and Shawn attached it to the wall in our kitchen.  Love it.

3.  I picked up a pair of shutters at our neighbor’s garage sale.  I gave one to my twin sister, and Shawn hung mine up the other week.  I have a few knobs and pulls I want to add, but for right now, I am just using clothes pins to clip up coupons and recipes and important papers.  It totally fits with our older farmhouse kitchen, and it is so practical.

I guess you could say I am embracing an older Southern style inspired by the home we are renting.  But that makes sense.  More modern features would see a bit out of place in our current house.  And besides, I love that these pieces are practical and simple.  To me, that lends them a certain kind of beauty.


Flash Forward: My Future Office

Someday.  Someday.

First, a few desk ideas

Could be pretty easy to put together, and I like all of the functional storage.

I like the glass table.  The backdrop might be a little busy for me, though.

Love the simplicity here.  And of course the wall shelves.

Now for some addition furniture/storage features…

For the home center part of my future office.

Must haves for the walls…

Of course, most of these ideas came from Pinterest.  The first two wall decor ideas came from class readings this semester that I then pinned to my boards on Pinterest.

Now that I have my virtual workspace created, time to get back to work.  Happy Thursday!

My Guilty Pleasures (Part 1)

or my Domestic Indulgences…

Why share these?  Sometimes I feel like it is hard to admit that I like doing things around the house.  I guess I sort of bristle a little at the thought of being *shutter* domesticated.  But there’s a lot I really like to do around the house, and if I had time, I imagine there’s even more I would like to do. So here are a few of my favorites:

1.  Laundry. There is something so appealing about laundry, right?  You take a mess of tangled clothes, through it through two machines, fold it up, and voila, a fresh basket of garments ready to be worn again!  I find it completely satisfying.

2.  Unsorted laundry.  I do kids’ clothes, adult clothes, bath towels, and kitchen towels.  That’s about the extent of my sorting.  Lights and darks: nope.

3.  Clorox or Lysol wipes.  If I could, I would keep a container of these wipes in every room of my house.  I love the ease of pulling out a wipe and cleaning a spill or surface.  Why just brush your teeth when you can wipe down the sink at the same time?  I kid, I kid…but not really.  Sometimes, I steal wipes from Sidney’s baby wipe collection…

4.  Aprons.  I own two.  Riley has one.

5.  Coupons, candles, and freshly baked cookies.

6.  Preparing food for my family.  Probably not all the time.  And this can range from getting breakfast for the kids before school to a full dinner to heating up leftovers (like we did tonight).  Maybe this is an extension of nursing…:)

7.  Gathering up garbage and recycling.  It feels so good to move trash from inside the house to outside. Definitely a liberating experience.

8.  Packing for trips.  This usually includes my stuff, toiletries, kids’ stuff (clothes and toys), and snacks for the car.  This sort of combines laundry with organization with food.  All good things in my book!

That’s about all I can think of for now.  On my list of least favorite things: cleaning bottles.  floors, and dishes.  Needless to say, Shawn is well aware of my preferences.

How to manage a toddler’s art gallery

Riley brings home projects and activities from preschool almost daily. We’ve seen it all: coloring, painting, penguins, and cotton poofs. Some of it is good. Some of it, let’s be honest, isn’t. But she did it, so that makes it special. Special enough to display for a time? Yes, definitely. Special enough to take a picture of. Sure. Special enough to keep for all eternity in an ever-growing artwork archive? Certain items, yes. The vast majority, no.

So I tackle the accumulation of projects and papers with a process that involves three main steps: display, capture, and keep/toss. Here’s how it works:

Display –

As Riley brings home projects, up they go on the two corkboards we have up on a wall in her room. Over a month or two months, the corkboards fill up with penguins, bears, drawings, and hand-drawn reindeer.

Capture –

Once the boards are full, I take a picture of the collage. I also zoom in on a few really cool pieces. Then down they come.

Keep/Toss –

Then it is decision time. Most of the projects get tossed at this point, but a few (like a certain hand-drawn reindeer) get put in her bin. The boards are cleared off again, ready for more artwork.

Down the road, I want to put together a photo album of all her project collages. I also want to put the saved projects in sheet protectors and put them together in a binder. Those might be summer projects…or projects for two summers from now… 🙂

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