Summer @Home: Week 4

Here’s the week’s run-down!  Enjoy!


Shawn: Cut and bruise on the back of the knee from hockey.  Puck-shaped bruise on thigh from hockey.

Lindsey: Two burns from oven on knuckles.  Two scrapes on other knuckles from grating lemon zest.

Riley: Sparkler burn on hand (but very minor).

Sidney: Three bruises on forehead from crawling into walls.

Adrian and Riley: Bumps on heads from colliding with each other.

Startling Statistics?

Amount of time a single roll of paper towels lasted in our kitchen: an entire month (seriously…we brought one back with us from the beach and we just finished it today!)

Amount of time it took for Riley to run her first mile: 18 minutes

Number of snacks Riley typically has after dinner: 3 (but two of them have to be healthy, like fruit)

Number of times Riley asks for a He-Man and She-Ra story starring both Hordek and Skeletor before we go anywhere: at least 5

Number of stories Shawn and I make-up for Riley each day: probably a solid 3

Amount of money we spent on beverages last week: 50 bucks!  Yeah, we totally busted our budget, but Coke products and Crystal Light were on sale.  We stocked up.

Number of unripened bananas Shawn and I ate this morning because the kids wanted bananas but they were unripened and we had already peeled them: 2

Number of naps Sidney took this afternoon: 0

Bowls of cereal Adrian eats for breakfast: around 3

Amount of time Riley spends completely clothed during the day when we are at home: 10 percent


Monday: Spaghetti and salad

Tuesday: Power-Out Night-Out – I had Panera (plus two free cookies from an awesome manager), Shawn had Subway, and the kids ate at Chic-fil-a

Wednesday: Burgers for the 4th!  Plus salad and grilled squash.

Thursday: No-Peek Chicken (so good!  and easy and simple!  Chicken, rice, two cans of cream soup, water, and a pack of onion soup mix.

Friday: Chinese!! Just 15 bucks for the four of us plus one lunch leftovers.  Not bad.

Saturday: Kielbasa sandwiches and green beans from our neighbors.  So, so good!


1. The money I make grading essays goes straight to our eating-out fund for the summer.

2. We can clean the house (minus the playroom), get dressed, and get the kids dressed in under twelve minutes (when company is on their way over).

3. I am never as productive as I want to be.

4. Bugles are so freaking addicting (I am eating them now!).

5. Shawn is really good at playing with the kids.  I am really good at planning and doing activities with the kids (though circle time was sort-of a bust).


Shawn: The playroom looks great.  Why did you clean it?

Linz: It was a mess.

Shawn: But the kids are just going to mess it up again.

Linz: Exactly.  If it is messy, they will find somewhere else to play.


Riley: Get the facts straight (or something like that…no idea where she heard it!)


Riley: Salad gold.

Linz: Yum.  What’s salad gold.

(Riley points at the mirror in our bathroom.)

Linz: Uh.  You mean solid gold.  Got it.


1. Rescue (a stuffed animal from all sorts of traps and cages)

2. Rope-climbing (Riley has started training to be a CIA agent.)

3. Driveway fireworks (Riley only managed to burn herself once.)

4. YMCA (We added raquetball to our activities line-up there.)

5. Atlanta Children’s Museum and downtown splash park

6. Library (UGA (for me) and the county one (for the kids)

7. Centers (We made it through coloring and He-Man…then we lost Riley and Adrian and I did the letters center.)

8. Sidney started making laps around the house.

9.  I finished up my last week of class.  Woot!  A month-long grad class is intense.

Foods – New and Favorite

Sidney: Plums!  Next up is green beans.  So far, I’ve been pureeing fruits and veggies we have…hopefully this effort will last through the summer.

Me: Peanut M&M’s.  Yes, I ate a whole large bag minus about five this week.  Yes, I hid them in a shopping bag in the back of the meat drawer in the refrigerator.  Yes, I feel really good about this.  Yes, I am sad that the bag is finished.  Yes, I love peanut M&M’s.

Adrian: Mango!  He ate two whole bowlfuls!

Shawn and Linz: Zucchini pizzas for lunch one day.  Shawn even liked them!  But they didn’t look anything like what I had seen on Pinterest.  The cheese was all over the place!


All of us: Lemon brownies.  Who knew?  We ate a whole pan, brought half a pan to our neighbors, and froze half a pan.  So good and only a handful of ingredients.  Even the kids really liked them!  (And I didn’t even make the icing!  For me not to put icing on a dessert and eat it is saying something…)

Summer @Home: Week 3

I am definitely in full-out summer mode…not really sure what day of the week it ever is, what day of the month…wearing no to minimal make-up…living in a t-shirt and short shorts around the house…sweating….eating lots of ice cream…

I love this time of the year.  Even the sweating.  Especially the ice cream!

This week was another fun one: some new fun findings, cute Riley sayings, athletic feats and woes, culinary adventures, and more.


So I already posted about our meals through Wednesday.  Here’s the rest of the week:

Thursday: mac and cheese, baked beans, and hot dogs (yes, all mixed together)

Friday: pizza slices at TransMet.  I had gone to the one downtown last August, and we all had a great time and a great meal at the one right down the road from our house tonight.  The kids scarfed three slices of cheese, Shawn had two BBQ slices, and I had a veggie pesto slice (plus the kids’ crusts).  Sidney slept.  I’m already looking forward to our next visit.

Saturday: Veggie bake and leftovers.

(I adapted this from an idea I saw on Pinterest…zucchini, squash, and tomato layered on top of some cooked onion and garlic powder…sprinkled with some olive oil and breadcrumbs…will add a little cheese half-way through cooking for an hour on 350.  Can’t wait!)


Girls’ Breakfast @ Panera on Wednesday

Movie morning (1 dollar tickets) on Tuesday

The YMCA most days for 1-4 hours (swimming, basketball, Kid-Watch, running, playground, and hockey).  Unfortunately, I am sort of falling apart.  Between my feet, ankles, and knees, I am all sorts of sore.

DQ Happy Hour!

Castle Park

Botanical Gardens.  We had a blast…checking out some flowers, taking a hike on the purple/orange trail, swimming in mud (Riley, that is, after trying to climb up on a sideways tree after her father), climbing trees, telling another He-Man/She-Ra story, wiping mud on each other (well, Riley tried to get me muddy), and cooling off in some water (well, I dumped two water bottles of water on Riley after she got mud on me).  Once it cools down a bit, we will definitely head back.  The area was beautiful, and we’ve got a nature scavenger hunt I found on Pinterest to finish.

Highlight of the Week

Lunch with CAROLINE outside Atlanta!!  Hands down.  Riley, Sidney, and I met Caroline on her way home from TN.  So, so cool!  We ate at Panera, did a little shopping, talked in person…it was awesome!

New and Refined Feats

Sidney has mastered the army crawl

Riley ran/walked 3/4 of a mile.  The goal is a mile.  If she does, she gets another monster cookie from Publix.  The things this girl will do for a monster cookie!  She’s pretty quick, too.

(Monster cookies look something like this!)

I can code Objects and Methods.

Sidney is starting to consistently sleep through the night!  Woot.  But of course, she’ll be up a lot tonight because I typed this.


I think Panera coffee makes me sick…I had it twice this week, and afterwards, my head was seriously spinning for a bunch of hours.  This makes me unbelievably sad.

My phone or battery is dying.  Boo!  I just ordered a new battery…we’ll see if that works.

Adrian loves to pull Shawn’s body hair (especially leg and chest hair).

Riley’s Favorites and Least Favorites

(Can you guess which are which?)

He-Man and She-Ra stories.


Sleeping on the couch.

Computer games.

Brushing her hair.

Sweet potato bread.


Riley: Aunt Caroline is poisoning us?

Me: She is?  How?

Riley: With this lip gloss.  And our new clothes.

Me: Do you mean spoiling?

Riley: Yeah.  Poisoning.

Adrian’s Breakfast One Morning

Two frozen pancakes (one toasted, one frozen).

Half of a bagel thin.

Nutri-grain bar.


Fun @ Home

Water balloon fight!

Cardboard box house-building.

Puzzles, coloring, and reading.

Baking.  Four loaves of sweet potato bread!

Playroom obstacle courses.

Not exactly what I wanted to hear…

Me: What is this?  Does it look weird to you?  Bigger? Or is that how it always looks? (I’m pointing at the side-rear of my right leg.  I jiggle it a little.)

Shawn: I guess.

Me: You guess?  You guess it’s the same or different?

Shawn: Different maybe.

Me: Really? (Big-time frown.)

Shawn: Don’t worry.  You’ll work it off.

Me: I’m already down below my pre-pregnancy weight.  There’s nothing to work off!

Shawn: Then you’ll tone it up.

Me: Thanks, Babe.

I love Shawn’s honesty.  I really do.  And this conversation cracked me up.  I’ve started doing some squats.

Please tell me this is a phase…

Riley is obsessed with three phrases right now, all in a similar theme:


Butt butt

Bootie butt

And she will use them in creative ways, too.

1.  I was singing the ABC’s in the car the other day.  Riley starts to sing along…

“A, B, C, D, E, F, POOP…next time won’t you POOP.”

2.  This is the version of Little Bunny Foo-Foo that she sang on our walk yesterday:

“Little bunny BUTT BUTT hopping through the forest, scooping up the field mice and bopping them on their BUTTs….I’ll give you three chances and then I’m going to turn you into a BUTT.”

3.  Or sometimes, she just likes to go around the house with her rear end cocked out, saying:

“Do you like my BOOTIE BUTT?  I like my BOOTIE BUTT!”

Please explain to me how this happens!  And why?  It’s not like Shawn and I go around saying things like this.  Sure, we change songs and make them personal, but in cute and endearing ways that usually just involve our kids’ names or introducing animals to the bus (for “The Wheels on the Bus”).

So far, this has been going on for two weeks.  She doesn’t talk like this when we are all out in public, and she assures me she doesn’t talk like this at school (but I may need to check with her teachers).  And sometimes, it is so freakin’ funny!  The ways she thinks to bring POOP or BUTT into a conversation can be pretty creative.  We’ve been trying to ignore it, but it is persisting.  We’ve also let her know we don’t like when she talks like that.  I don’t really think this is time-out worthy.  She isn’t gross or mean about it.  She cracks herself up about it.

So that’s what’s going on in our house these days!

Do we just wait this out?  Keep trying to ignore these phrases?  Any other ideas?

Epic Fail?

7:34.  We are all in the kitchen at this point, dressed and ready to go.  Sid-tastic is sleeping.  Riley and Adrian are thirsty.  I still have to make my coffee and get everyone out the door.  Riley says she wants tea.  I pull out a sippy cup of iced tea from the refrigerator.  I offer it to her.  She starts to cry.

“No, not that one.”

“This is tea,” I say.  “If you want tea, here it is.”

She starts crying even harder.

“What is it?” I ask.  “Why are you crying?”

“You hurt my feelings,” she says.

I didn’t mean to.  I swear I didn’t.  I pulled Riley into a hug.  I forgot what time it was and what I was doing.  I just wanted to hold her and rewind a few minutes and have a little more patience.

“I’m sorry,” I tell her.  “I didn’t mean to.”  I wanted to explain.  “Mornings are hard for mommy sometimes.  I have to get all of us ready and out the door, and sometimes I just get frustrated.”

I got her milk instead in a new sippy cup.  I filled up Adrian’s iced tea.  I made my coffee.  We all headed to the car, smiley and ready for the day.  We left the house about fifteen minutes after I wanted to leave.  But what’s fifteen minutes, really?

Today’s been a good one, except I keep coming back to the morning and hurting my daughter’s feelings.  That’s an epic fail – to borrow some gaming language – right?  But it’s also part of the mother-child relationship.  She’ll hurt my feelings.  I’ll hurt hers.  It happens.  It will happen.  She will cry, and I will be responsible.  I’ll cry, and she will be the cause.  Still, I hate that I was responsible for her tears this morning.  I hate that I hurt her feelings.

Thursdays are just tough for me.  Here’s hoping tomorrow morning, I will have more patience.  And maybe by the time the next Thursday rolls around, I’ll be ready for it, too.

Baking Prodigy?

Me: Riley, we have those two really ripe bananas.  Wanna make some banana nut bread tonight?

Riley: Sure, Mom.

Me: Although we might not have enough eggs.  We’ll have to see.

Riley: Well, if we don’t have enough eggs, we can substitute apple sauce.

Me: Why not?  Good suggestion, kid.

PS: This conversation occurred on our way to school.  Girl cracks me up!  We’ve had to do some substituting recently to bake with the ingredients we have at home.  We made cupcakes for the grandparents last week with only two eggs instead of three.  As the batter was mixing, I asked Riley if we should add a mashed banana.  I think that is where she got the idea from.

PPS: The cupcakes turned out really good.

It doesn’t get any more romantic than this…

Setting: Our house…getting ready for bed…kids are already asleep….all three of them…I’m wearing leggings and a cami…

Linz: “My stomach isn’t looking too bad.  I mean, Sidney’s not even two months old (but she will be tomorrow!).  Right?”

Shawn: “It’s fine.”

Linz: “Fine?  Really?  Fine?”

Shawn (after looking again): “Well, actually you are a little top heavy.”

(I’m nursing, and beyond health benefits for baby and calories burned, the increase in cup size is a terrific boon of breastfeeding!)

Linz: “”Top heavy?  That’s how you try to save yourself?  I’ve brought three of your children into this world.  Good one.”

Can you tell we’ve been married for seven years?  Hope everyone else gets a little more flattery and sweetness from their significant others this Valentine’s Day!  Especially if you’ve recently had a baby.