Adrian Turns Two!

On Monday, my sweet, sweet boy turned two years old.

Two years ago, we were living in Gainesville, watching Fight Club in the waning moments before my second c-section and waiting for our little man to make his appearance.  He’s been all smiles since.  Smiles, giggles, and the occasional temper-tantrum.  He’s chatting up a storm these days, and though he prefers his daddy to me, I fall a little more in love with him every time I see his bright blue eyes and devilish little grin.  He is a sweetheart with his sisters, sharing and bringing them treats and diapers.  He’s my little helper, already a laundry pro.  When he eats cereal, he wants at least three different kinds at once.  When he plays, he plays hard.  He wants to do everything on his own now – climb into his car seat, tackle playground obstacles, and walk down stairs – and I am so proud of his growing confidence.  I love the time we spend cuddling (usually when daddy is away), and I cherish each time he wants me to hold him.  I get lost in beautiful blonde hair.  I melt in the glow of his smile.  I am so happy he is mine.

To celebrate, we had a funfetti cake with the Pinchots on Sunday, and an Elmo party on Monday with Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Claire.  My dad made an amazing Elmo cake, Adrian got an Elmo doll, and Elmo signs were waiting for Adrian all over the house (will post pictures once I get them from my dad).  Thank you all for making Adrian’s second birthday so special.  All day, we kept asking him who the birthday boy was, and he would say “me!”  Adorable.

Happy birthday, Adrian!  I love you, little man.