Spring Semester 2012
My semester at a glance: I’m taking three graduate courses, two on campus and one online.  I’m teaching one section of composition that meets twice a week.  Three hours of office hours.  Three days at home with my seven week-old baby.
Writing load: 20 pages of fiction every two weeks.  Online postings in forums for two classes.  About two pages of rhetorical analysis every week.
Reading load: Between thirty-sixty pages of fiction to critique.  Student papers and journals (x 20).  100-250 pages of readings on rhetoric.  Two textbook chapters on Adult Development and Instruction.  As much fiction as I can squeeze in.
My family’s week at a glance: Moes’s Monday.  Tuesday – My long day on campus.  YMCA Wednesday.  Thursday – Basketball practice for my husband’s team.  Friday – open.  Saturday – Husband coaches.  Fruit/veggie co-op pick-up.  The occasional play-date.  Sunday – Church and Sunday School.  Grocery shopping.  Laundry.
Interesting Facts
My kids and I were all born on days that correspond with a multiple of seven.  My youngest daughter’s name has all of the letters of my name except for one, but rearranged.  I’m a twin (but I haven’t had any multiples myself…yet).  I met my husband at summer camp (cute, right?).

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey! Thanks for the follow. I’m very impressed with all you’re doing! My husband and I keep trying to follow the motto we coined when the twins were only a few months old but we managed to get out and see Jane Eyre (and eat at Five Guys!) — “It can be done.” It might not all get done at once, or on time, or even all that well, but whatever it is, it can be done.

    • I like that motto! And, I’m a twin. My sister and I are really close, and hopefully one day we will live in the same area, too. That’s our plan. My family loves Five Guys! We can manage there and Moes with three kids pretty well. Anything that requires more time or money or decorum usually doesn’t work for us anymore. 🙂

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