Hello December!

…oh what fun it is to take pictures of three children in tie-dye holiday shirts and red pants, romping around our yard and our neighbor’s driveway on a beautiful Saturday morning.  This is how we kicked off the month.

With two papers still to finish, I am about texted out right now.  But the semester end is in sight.  Then it is on to more holiday baking, crafts, gift buying, and a couple birthdays to plan.  Shawn’s get older and Sidney’s growing up fast.  My baby’s going to be a year-old in less than two weeks.  She running around, giving kisses, and saying “Go, dawgs, go!” these days.  A whole year has passed and I cannot get over how adorable she is.

Riley and Adrian, too.

And Shawn.

Enjoy the pictures!

IMG_6669 IMG_6663 IMG_6664 IMG_6666 IMG_6667 IMG_6668 IMG_6676 IMG_6659 IMG_6658 IMG_6647 IMG_6674 IMG_6675 IMG_6703 IMG_6708 IMG_6636 IMG_6642 IMG_6644IMG_6679 IMG_6678 IMG_6693 IMG_6650 IMG_6651


2 thoughts on “Hello December!

  1. Love them! But go dawgs go!!!!! That has to change. Sydney is now getting Gator clothes for her birthday from Aunt Caroline!!

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