I’m Doing It…

This week, I decided I would stop biting my nails.  Finally.  I’m doing it.  For reals.

Recently, I came across a quote about discipline.  The idea of it is that a little discipline lets you accomplish a little, some discipline lets you accomplish more, and totally discipline means you can do anything.  I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the essence.

In the past, I have tried to stop biting my nails time and time again.  I’ve tried it as a New Year’s Resolution.  I’ve tried promising myself manicures.  I’ve tried in preparation for a major event or holiday or vacation.

But my resolve faltered almost from the start.  I lacked the commitment.

And then I told myself it was my thing.  My stress outlet.  I stopped trying to quit.

Now, here we are, and I am doing it.  I decided I was going to exert the discipline to stop biting my nails.

I am three days in, and each day, I have only tried to bite my nails three times.  But each time, I was able to think myself out of it.  It was amazing.  I feel so empowered.  And proud of myself.  Already, my fingers look so much better.  Yay for focused discipline!

Already, I am wondering what else I can apply a little discipline to.  What personal goal is up next?  Maybe more healthful eating.  Maybe.

For now, here’s to discipline and unbitten nails.  When I kick the bad habit completely, I may reward myself with a monster cookie…

Yes, I think I will.

And then I will worry about eating more healthfully the next day.


7 thoughts on “I’m Doing It…

  1. Hi Lindsey, I’m a friend of Caroline’s. She sent me your blog to read because I left Facebook about a year ago and instead use my online time to read blogs. I read your entire blog over last weekend during my nighttime nursing sessions (we have a 7 month old). I love it! I feel like I’m reading about real life! My only complaint is that you don’t post everyday! 🙂

    I also worked to break a bad habit of picking at my thumbs about a year ago. I decided I didn’t want our child to imitate me with a bad habit like I did with my parents (they both pick their thumbs and so does my sister). Catching myself and stopping was easier for me when I thought about Tanner (our little dude). Hope you can kick your habit!

    • Hi Ashley! Thanks so much for reading! I will totally try to post more frequently!! 🙂 And that is a really good point about breaking the habit to set a good example for little ones. That plus monster cookie motivation should hopefully do it. I am still going strong almost a week in!

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