Summer @Home: Week 5

What a week.  Aren’t they all?  This week, I finally realized I just need to let go of my to-do lists and expectations and just enjoy being home with the kids, enjoy the summer and our time together as a family.  Already the time is slipping away, and in less than a month, all of the littles will be back in school and Shawn and I will be back at work/school.  I’ve been having a blast this summer, but this week I stopped worrying about any work I should be or could be doing and played more.  Sure, I studied a lot of Spanish, did some reading, some writing, and worked on my fall syllabi while the kids were  sleeping or playing among themselves.  But I also built a lot of block towers this week.  I watched the kids put on shows.  We read fourteen hundred books.  We played hide and seek.

What else did we do/eat/say?  Read on.


This week was our best week of eats this summer!  And that is all because Shawn really stepped it up in the kitchen.  Every dish he made this week was the best version he has ever made.  Plus, the only night we ate out was last Sunday!

Last Sunday: Dickey’s BBQ

Monday: Breadcrumb pasta and salad.  (Shawn)

Tuesday: Chili (Shawn)

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Chili cheese dogs and cauliflower popcorn (Me!)

Friday: Lasagna (Shawn), salad, and rolls (Me!)  We had friends over for dinner and Settlers!

Saturday: Leftover lasagna.  Yeah, it was so good I could have had it for a week straight.

Sunday: Pancakes and sausage (Me!)

Sidney’s Growing Food List

  • Cheerios
  • Green beans
  • Toast
  • Peas
  • Applesauce
  • Plums
  • Sweet Potato

She is still nursing really well, too, so I am not quite sure I’ll be ready to start weaning when school starts.  I love cuddling with her in the morning for her early breakfast in bed!

Baking Adventures

No-bake cookies

(recipe and picture from Pinterest)

Blueberry cake with white icing (using cake mix + greek yogurt)

Chocolate banana peanut butter bars

Mug brownies (I tried to go healthier…applesauce for oil…they turned out a little cakey, but with some peanut butter on top…YUM!)

(recipe and picture from Pinterest)

Banana muffins

(another from Pinterest)

Out and About

Five-in-a-row Errand Morning: Riley, Adrian, and I hit the library, the bank, the graduate school office, Kroger’s, and McDonald’s (for icy drinks…frappe for me, yo!) all in one morning.  The kids were all-stars and we had a great time.

Lowe’s for a kids’ building workshop: This Saturday, we made a spinning panda attack.

Cracker Barrel for two free blueberry muffins.  Adrian housed his in about four minutes.

Splash Park in Gainesville, GA

The YMCA, of course.

Mommy and Adrian and Sidney outing: We hit Target and Panera, just the three of us.  So cool.  Adrian picked out a seat once we ordered our bagels and scarfed half of his bagel without saying a single word while I tried to start up a conversation and then just resorted to staring at him and his mouth-stuffing cuteness.  Then he passed out on the way home.


My new shutter display in the kitchen.  I will post a picture soon.  Shawn hung up an old shutter I picked up at our neighbor’s garage sale.  I use clothes pins to pin up coupons, cards, etc.  Love it.  I have some knobs and pulls to outfit it a little more, too.  It looks great in our country kitchen.

The shutter looks something like this:

A new look in the house.  We pulled up our rugs to clean the wood floors, and I really like the look.

Sidney crawled for real the other night. Just a scoot or two, but still.  Count it.

Naps.  I took two this week.  Two.  Two.  Bliss squared.

Riley read her first word: ON.  We went over some word flash cards, but she totally picked ON out of Precision Auto.  That counts, right?


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