Summer @Home: Week 4

Here’s the week’s run-down!  Enjoy!


Shawn: Cut and bruise on the back of the knee from hockey.  Puck-shaped bruise on thigh from hockey.

Lindsey: Two burns from oven on knuckles.  Two scrapes on other knuckles from grating lemon zest.

Riley: Sparkler burn on hand (but very minor).

Sidney: Three bruises on forehead from crawling into walls.

Adrian and Riley: Bumps on heads from colliding with each other.

Startling Statistics?

Amount of time a single roll of paper towels lasted in our kitchen: an entire month (seriously…we brought one back with us from the beach and we just finished it today!)

Amount of time it took for Riley to run her first mile: 18 minutes

Number of snacks Riley typically has after dinner: 3 (but two of them have to be healthy, like fruit)

Number of times Riley asks for a He-Man and She-Ra story starring both Hordek and Skeletor before we go anywhere: at least 5

Number of stories Shawn and I make-up for Riley each day: probably a solid 3

Amount of money we spent on beverages last week: 50 bucks!  Yeah, we totally busted our budget, but Coke products and Crystal Light were on sale.  We stocked up.

Number of unripened bananas Shawn and I ate this morning because the kids wanted bananas but they were unripened and we had already peeled them: 2

Number of naps Sidney took this afternoon: 0

Bowls of cereal Adrian eats for breakfast: around 3

Amount of time Riley spends completely clothed during the day when we are at home: 10 percent


Monday: Spaghetti and salad

Tuesday: Power-Out Night-Out – I had Panera (plus two free cookies from an awesome manager), Shawn had Subway, and the kids ate at Chic-fil-a

Wednesday: Burgers for the 4th!  Plus salad and grilled squash.

Thursday: No-Peek Chicken (so good!  and easy and simple!  Chicken, rice, two cans of cream soup, water, and a pack of onion soup mix.

Friday: Chinese!! Just 15 bucks for the four of us plus one lunch leftovers.  Not bad.

Saturday: Kielbasa sandwiches and green beans from our neighbors.  So, so good!


1. The money I make grading essays goes straight to our eating-out fund for the summer.

2. We can clean the house (minus the playroom), get dressed, and get the kids dressed in under twelve minutes (when company is on their way over).

3. I am never as productive as I want to be.

4. Bugles are so freaking addicting (I am eating them now!).

5. Shawn is really good at playing with the kids.  I am really good at planning and doing activities with the kids (though circle time was sort-of a bust).


Shawn: The playroom looks great.  Why did you clean it?

Linz: It was a mess.

Shawn: But the kids are just going to mess it up again.

Linz: Exactly.  If it is messy, they will find somewhere else to play.


Riley: Get the facts straight (or something like that…no idea where she heard it!)


Riley: Salad gold.

Linz: Yum.  What’s salad gold.

(Riley points at the mirror in our bathroom.)

Linz: Uh.  You mean solid gold.  Got it.


1. Rescue (a stuffed animal from all sorts of traps and cages)

2. Rope-climbing (Riley has started training to be a CIA agent.)

3. Driveway fireworks (Riley only managed to burn herself once.)

4. YMCA (We added raquetball to our activities line-up there.)

5. Atlanta Children’s Museum and downtown splash park

6. Library (UGA (for me) and the county one (for the kids)

7. Centers (We made it through coloring and He-Man…then we lost Riley and Adrian and I did the letters center.)

8. Sidney started making laps around the house.

9.  I finished up my last week of class.  Woot!  A month-long grad class is intense.

Foods – New and Favorite

Sidney: Plums!  Next up is green beans.  So far, I’ve been pureeing fruits and veggies we have…hopefully this effort will last through the summer.

Me: Peanut M&M’s.  Yes, I ate a whole large bag minus about five this week.  Yes, I hid them in a shopping bag in the back of the meat drawer in the refrigerator.  Yes, I feel really good about this.  Yes, I am sad that the bag is finished.  Yes, I love peanut M&M’s.

Adrian: Mango!  He ate two whole bowlfuls!

Shawn and Linz: Zucchini pizzas for lunch one day.  Shawn even liked them!  But they didn’t look anything like what I had seen on Pinterest.  The cheese was all over the place!


All of us: Lemon brownies.  Who knew?  We ate a whole pan, brought half a pan to our neighbors, and froze half a pan.  So good and only a handful of ingredients.  Even the kids really liked them!  (And I didn’t even make the icing!  For me not to put icing on a dessert and eat it is saying something…)


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