The Short Version

Riley RAN a mile tonight.


Four laps around the track at the Y.


The Long Version

Her incentive was a monster cookie from Publix.  Gotta love extrinsic motivation.  She even got dressed in a tank top for the occasion.  We headed to the track after Kid-Watch and playground time at the YMCA.  We had to wait for Shawn to get done playing hockey.  Then he watched the littles while Riley and I took off for the first two laps.  She ran the majority of the time with a couple ten-second walking breaks.  But she never stopped moving.  And she never complained.  She just kept on trucking.  We held hands for part of our laps.  I told her a He-Man and She-Ra story for another part.  Then Shawn took over.  He even carried Adrian while jogging with her for half a lap.  Sidney and I cheered.  Riley finished with a sprint to the finish.  She did awesome!  Adrian and Sidney let her ride the stroller back to the car.  Tomorrow, we will head to Publix.

I think I will offer a monster cookie to myself if I pass my translation exam in Spanish at the end of the summer.  I need some motivation to keep studying.

And maybe I should give myself a monster cookie for completing the Javascript course in Code Academy.


Just kidding.

So, so proud of my little runner.

PS  Sidney is cutting a tooth!  Her first one.  That news seemed to fit this post, too.


One thought on “MILEstone

  1. How awesome for Riley!!!! And I love Sidney’s expression in that pic! Miss you! Hey, is your phone working yet?

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