Dine Out All Week for $100: Part 1

So Shawn and I were brainstorming today about how we could eat out for dinner every night for a week with our family of 4 (and a half) for one hundred dollars.  We’ve got 4 days mapped out so far:

Sunday: Dickey’s BBQ.  Quarter plates (which include a meat, a delicious roll, and two sides) cost $7.25 and kids eat for free (chicken nuggets, a side, a roll, and a drink!).  Total cost = about $15.25.

Monday: Moe Monday, of course.  5 dollar burritos and kids eat free after 5pm!  Without drinks, that’s roughly $10.70.

Tuesday or Wednesday: Stevi B’s Pizza Buffet.  Adults cost $5 each and kids eat for around $4.  Little kids like Adrian are free, so our total cost here is about $14.  I also think our Stevi B’s has a deal on Tuesday or Wednesday night for a better deal.  Not sure what it is, but I will check next time we go.

Tuesday or Wednesday: Subway.  With the continuation of $5 foot-long subs, a family of four could get 2 subs, divide them 4 ways and call it an easy night out.  For us, Shawn usually eats his whole sub and the kids are not quite sub eaters yet (though Adrian will pretty much try anything we express any interest in!).  Still, we are probably looking at about $14 in total (two subs and something little for the kiddos).  By the way, this month’s feature is Buffalo Chicken.

And stay tuned for Part 2 (or Thursday, Friday, and Saturday dining out ideas!)

PS  Shawn and I really, really like to eat out.  Can you tell?

PPS  I don’t really like to spend a lot of money.  Can you tell?

PPPS  We haven’t actually done this, eat out every night for a week.  But after we post Part II, we might have to give it a shot!

PPPPS  And then we’ll have to do a week of eating in for a week straight.  Yikes.  That could be tough.


One thought on “Dine Out All Week for $100: Part 1

  1. Good luck! I wonder if you could double up and go to the same place twice, or would that defeat the purpose of the challenge?

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