Grocery Report

We did it!  We got back down to 60 dollars this week!  I think we were actually at 59 and some change after I picked up some soy sauce Tuesday morning.  Here’s the breakdown and the meal plan for the week:

Bountiful Basket = 15 dollars

two mangoes, two cantaloupe, bananas, strawberries, zucchini, carrots, green peppers, huge sweet potatoes, corn, a few lemons, two onions, and three cucumbers.

So far, I’ve already made my sweet potato curry salad, cucumber and onion salad, cantaloupe with ice cream, scallion pancakes, and sweet potato puree.  I am having a blast trying new fruit and veggie recipes…Shawn and the kids are not as excited, but at least we are all eating healthfully!

Publix = 11 dollars

two frozen pizzas, two boxes of frozen waffles, and a monster cookie for Riley (for swimming across the pool on her own!)

Kroger’s = 34 dollars

soy sauce, cheese, ice cream, marshmallows, hot dogs, bread, bagel thins, cereal, popcorn, eggs, milk, jello

And here’s a look at our meals so far and the plan for the rest of the week:

Sunday: Moe’s (with our free meals, dinner cost just under 9 dollars for the four of us!)

Monday: Pasta and cucumber salad

Tuesday: Scallion pancakes (yum!!) and leftovers

Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest

Wednesday: Frozen pizzas

Thursday: Hot dogs, baked beans, and baked veggies (so looking forward to trying this recipe!)

Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest

And honestly, beyond that, I am just not sure…we have a ton of possibilities now with frozen chicken and ground meat.  I’ll update you when I do our Summer@Home Week 3 report.

And now I’m hungry.  When am I going to learn not to post about food late at night? Time to hit the kitchen…


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