Summer @Home Week 2

I cannot believe another week is already over!  The days are blissfully and exhaustingly full.  Especially when two of the kiddos wake up at 3:30 one morning (Shawn took that shift, thankfully!).  As a family, we are really enjoying our time together and learning how to deal with sibling rivalry, schoolwork/reading/home life balance, dishes, and more.  Here’s the breakdown for this week, combined with a shorter version of our grocery report for the week.  Yeah, we definitely busted the budget this week, but I think it was worth it.  Two items in particular: Diet Root Beer and Meat.


Not quite 90 dollars.  This included quite a lot of food, our fruit and veggie basket, 4 cases of Diet Root Beer, and 6 pounds of ground turkey.  And I should say, that was 6 pounds for 11 dollars!  Good stuff.  I broke the bundles up into 1 pound packages.  This week we just ate 2 packs, so we have four pounds of frozen meat to work with.  I am pumped.  The dinner possibilities are endless.  The soda was a nice treat, too.  Especially since it is so hot now, I think this was a good splurge for us.


Last Sunday – TACOS!  Shawn’s favorite for Father’s Day!

Monday – Moes!

Tuesday – Eggs, Rice, and Cheese

Wednesday – Leftovers

Thursday – Grandpa’s Chili (from the freezer) over rice and a sweet potato (for me)

Friday – Veggie Night…Carrot Fries, Squash Chips, and a new Squash Casserole.  So good.

Saturday – Burgers and Corn (and we will have a Lemon Pudding Cake for dessert later…I wanted something new with our lemons.  It looks yummy.  Will probably have some as soon as I finish this post!

(Love this image of lemon pudding cake from Cookie Madness.  My recipe was pretty similar to hers, too….just no cream of tartar, more milk and no cream, and a tablespoon less butter.)


1.  Gymnastics Camp for Riley Week 2.  She improved so much in a week.  Her cartwheels and backward rolls are really coming along.  Plus, during the parents’ show, she was so much more confident on every obstacle and element…bars, beams, vault, trampolines, and rings.

2.  Gainesville, GA Children’s Museum.  We went for Father’s Day.  Spent a solid two hours exploring the neighborhood-like building.

3.  Brave.  Shawn and Riley had a father-daughter date on Friday afternoon.  The littles stayed with me to do some cleaning and veggie cooking.

4.  Y-Time.  I think we spent between 1 and 4 hours everyday at the YMCA.  We hit the pool, a mat-covered room, and then let the kids play at Kid Watch while Shawn and I work out.  I really love the time we spend as a family doing active things like this, and the kids are becoming such strong swimmers, too.

5.  Home-time.  This week, I completed my second level of activities for class, finished Marshall McLuhan’s The Gutenberg Galaxy and Andrea Barrett’s Ship Fever, did some coding, started working out Part II of my creative project, cleaned the dining room and playroom (like deep cleaning), lots of laundry, and watched The Office and a few more movies with Shawn at night.


McDonald’s for lunch (twice…I know, I know…but I am obsessed with their chicken, frappes, and sundaes…and it is pretty cheap for all of us to eat!) and Stevi B’s for pizza (another 13 dollar meal out…and seriously, their loaded baked potato pizza, mac and cheese pizza, salad bar, and cinnamon rolls are so freaking good.).

New Stuff

Riley: Swam across the pool without using the wall or bottom to rest at all!!

Sidney: Totally on the move!  The girl can army-crawl her way around the house now.  Look out, world.  She also started eating solids once a day…cereal and sweet potatoes (home-pureed by me!).  Next week, we might do carrots.

Adrian: He is close to getting his colors down.  And he can swim on his own with the noodle.  And he ate sweet potato salad (recipe to come in the next post…).

Linz: Running!  I ran my first four miles (on four separate days) since before I was pregnant with Adrian.  The first mile was really rough, but this morning, I felt really good.  We are still playing basketball, too, but I hurt my foot, so I have to rest it for two-three days in between our 1-on-1 matches.  Not gonna lie, having a small injury actually makes me feel really good.  Hard core.  Might even tackle some boot camp next week…

Funny Sayings

Shawn to Riley – Why did you kick your brother?

Riley to Shawn – I don’t want him around me.

Linz while telling a story to Riley – “He-Ra” and “She-Man.”  This totally cracked Shawn up.

Our New Tips and Tricks

1.  We now pack a wet bag and a dry bag for the pool.  This has made changing and leaving the pool infinitely easier.

2.  Shawn washes dishes.  I put away the clean ones.  When we stay up with dishes daily, the kitchen stays so much cleaner.


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