Summer @Home: Week One

Our first week at home with all three kids has been a blast.  Here’s a look at Week One, and its costs, activities, and highlights:

Food & Costs

Breakfast – three boxes of cereal, a bag of English muffins, milk, and some bananas = $12

Lunch – two loaves of bread, jar of jelly, jar of peanut butter, snacks (dollar a day), and applesause/bananas = $15

Drinks – coffee and creamer (dollar for 7 cups of instant coffee!), iced tea/lemonade mix = $8

Dinner has been mostly eating down pantry staples this week.  But for next week’s planning purposes, we’ll reserve $15 for our fruit/veggie basket and that leaves about $10 for meat, beans, pasta, etc.  Yikes!  We’ll see how that goes! = $25

Outings – DQ for ice cream, Moe’s Monday, and Buffalo’s Cafe on Thursday for dinner (we wanted to try something new!) = $56 (we’ll try to cut this down next week!  I’m thinking we’ll hit up DQ for their half-price happy hour or maybe Sonic for half-price milkshakes after 8pm.  Hmmm…I so need a website that publishes eating out deals!

Kid Activities

1. Riley @ gymnastics camp every morning

2. Y-time!  Swimming followed by Kid-Watch

3.  Picnic lunches @ YMCA or park

4.  Art time (stencils and/or coloring)

5.  Little outings: library, park, and Wal-mart

6.  @Home fun: ball bit, baseball hitting practice, reading, baking (a cake and some cookies for Father’s Day!)

7.  Naps!  At least for Adrian and Sidney.

Adult Activities

1.  Basketball.  This week, Shawn and I started playing basketball together again at the Y. My record is not off to a great start (0-5), but it was great to get back in the gym and start lighting it up again (well, sometimes).  It has been three years since I have played, the last time being our weekly pick-up games at Sewanee.  I am definitely a bit hesitant and out-of-shape.  Now, my whole body aches.  But that is a good thing.  I think.

2.  Netflix Movie Genre Marathons.  This week, we did Romantic Comedies.  Each night, we took turns picking a different romantic comedy on Netflix.  The top pick of the week so far: Chalet Girl (with cast members from One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl and plenty of fun snowboarding scenes).  We’ve also enjoyed The Rebound, Morning Glory, and some made for TV movie.  Shawn’s up to pick tonight, and next week, I think we’ll do Thrillers.  Fun.

Tips & Tricks

1.  Clean up the playroom every night.  After the kids watch one show at night, we all pitch in to clean up the playroom.  Then the fun can begin again tomorrow.

2.  Eating lunch out (picnic-style).  This keeps the house cleaner and it’s more fun!

3.  Keep up with the dishes.  Shawn washes and I put away.

Hopefully, I will have more to add to this section after next week!

What We Are Learning

1.  Sidney = crawling.  She is getting so close!

2.  Riley = cartwheels and backward rolls.

3.  Adrian = potty training and the alphabet.  He pooped once and peed a couple of times.  He also can say all of his letters now.

4.  Me = Marshall Mcluhan’s Gutenberg Galaxy and Computer-Based Instruction (the summer course I am taking).

5.  Shawn = Diablo


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