My new online hobbies: coding, Spanish, and organization

1.  Codecademy.  My brother introduced me to this website, and I have been enjoying my first taste of computer programming on it.  In the past couple of weeks, I have earned 134 points and 11 badges.  I love the positive reinforcement as I progress through coding fundamentals and applications.  Pretty soon, I’ll be able to code a blackjack game!  From a n00b’s perspective, Codecademy offers an accessible entry point into JavaScript and other programming topics and languages.  I’m a fan.

2.  Duolingo.  Though the online program is still in the beta phase, I am pretty pumped about it.  It is a web-based program designed to teach Spanish, French, and German.  I have been working on Spanish for a couple of weeks, and like Codecademy, Duolingo offers positive reinforcement and solid structure.  It also offers plenty of opportunities to practice new vocabulary and language skills with real Spanish on the web.  In July, I am going to start working through a Spanish for Reading Knowledge textbook, so we’ll see how much Duolingo can prepare me for that.

3.  Trello.  If you love lists and organization, check this site out.  You can move items on your to-do list through stages (like to-do, doing, done).  You can also invite members to a group and organization tasks, team members, etc for a common project.  I have set up a couple of boards (one for my summer course, one for summer, and one for my family).  The site is easy to learn and easy to use.  Another recommendation from my brother.  Thanks, Bren!


One thought on “My new online hobbies: coding, Spanish, and organization

  1. Cool that you’ve got into coding! If you’re interested in trying out other sites like Codecademy, you can have a look at my pearltree (on Pearltrees) where I’ve included basically most of the stuff you can find online :o) Here’s the link (it’s ugly, I know…): .

    Hope you find these sites useful when you’re done with Codecademy 😉

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