May (the month) so far (in brief)

1. Seven-hour car trip to VA with three kids.  Check.

2. Spring semester over.  Year One done.

3. Four trips to the children’s museum.

4.  Lots of time with the grandparents and Aunt Claire and Aunt Alli.

5.  Girls’ weekend in WVA.  Too short.  Shopping, coffee, and even a psychic.  So good.

6.  Too much Bruster’s Ice Cream.  Wait?  Is that possible?

7.  HGTV.

8.  Mad Men.

9.  Bones.

10. Castle.

11. Crazy amounts of kid time.  Lovin’ it.

12. Missing Shawn.  Only three more days.

13.  Day trip to Charlottesville.

14. Catan.

15. Fiction and memoir reading.

16.  Showers.  Four days in a row.  Amazing.  Seriously amazing.

17.  Best white pizza I’ve ever had (@Vito’s in Harrisonburg).

18.  Successfully brewed two pots of coffee two days in a row.  Here’s to tomorrow and three in a row.

19. Did I mention Bruster’s ice cream?

20.  And even a new story in the works…


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