How I learned to love lettuce…

Recently, we’ve had a lot of salad.  Each week in our basket, we get at least one if not two heads of lettuce.  I like salad, but I don’t love salad.  It is certainly not something I crave.  That has been changing.  Here’s how I’ve been building salad into my (almost) daily diet:

1.  Make it.  We have an endless salad bowl in the fridge.  Well, it certainly seems always a little full.  This week, I prepared salad on Tuesday and Friday, but we also ate it Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I find as long as I have salad around, ready to go, then I am more likely to eat it.

2.  Chop it.  I owe this tip to my parents.  That’s the only way they make salad now – lettuce and everything chopped nice and bite-sized.  So that’s what I do.  I pretty much dice up everything – onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, event the lettuce.

This chopped salad from Espresso and Cream looks amazing!

3.  Top it.  I started using salad more as a plate recently and less as a side dish.  This week, I had salad mixed with pizza and a bit of Alfredo sauce and mac and cheese.  I’ve also had it mixed with cheesy potatoes and ham and eggs (with French dressing…so good!) after Easter.

A Pizza-Salad combo from Skinny Kitchen

Right now, we also have some broccoli on hand.  I may need to make this salad from Sweet Amandine this coming week:


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