Our Summer, According to Pinterest

Thanks to Pinterest, I have a wealth of ideas and activities I plan to tackle to help make this summer organized, exciting, educational, and fun.  Shoot, I already printed out monthly calendars with notes, weekly calendars with sections to record dinner plans, and cleaning schedules for daily, weekly, and monthly chore charts.  First things first, right?  I am both thrilled and nervous to have all three kids home all summer.  On the one hand, I can’t wait to spend lots of quality time with them; on the other hand, that’s a lot of hours to keep three kids occupied!  But maybe, with a little help from Pinterest and the mommy blogging community, we’ll survive…

First, to kick things off:

Then some planning:

When we get bored:

When we run out of money (Who are we kidding…we’ll be starting here!):

A few special treats:

Some fizzy and scientific fun:

Some boy-focused fun:

Some messy fun:

Some pretend fun:

When the kids resist naps:

To activate our inner artists:

Fun in the kitchen (and our tummies):



And of course we also have the YMCA for Kid Watch, swimming, and the playground, area parks, our children’s museum pass, day-trips to Atlanta, bike-riding, walks, the library, and errands.  Target should be good for at least an hour a week…I kid, I kid.  Not really.  Only sort of.

Then we have our trip to Virginia, vacation in Florida, and possibly other trips to PA and Texas…

Did I mention I’ll be taking one class, teaching myself Spanish for Reading Knowledge, reading approximately a book a week, writing as much fiction as I can, creating a syllabus for creative writing, and trying to get an article published?

Should be enough to fill the time, right?  Now that I have it all written out, I think the time is going to go by entirely too fast!  I hope we at least have time to make s’mores one night…


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