Operation Empty the Freezer (and Cupboards…)

Groceries this past week were kept to a minimum after our indulgence for the holidays and Riley’s party.  We made one blitz stop at Kroger’s for toilet paper, bread, and one or two other items for a grand total of $5.31.  Add that to our Bountiful Basket, and our week’s grocery costs were just 20 bucks!

Meals were also very simple this past week:  Moes’s Monday, leftovers and pasta Tuesday-Thursday, and then we splurged Friday night with dinner at Chic-fil-a for the kiddos followed by a stop at Subway for me and Shawn.

Can I just say that I love this month’s 5 dollar sub: bacon, egg, and cheese!

One of my favs.  Not sure what Subway was thinking in March with their featured sub…tuna and jalapeno peppers??  Who orders that one?  Sure, I understand being creative but that choice just felt lazy and uninspired.  I might be biased, though.  I like tuna salad okay, and I’m more of a banana pepper girl…

So now that we are almost done eating ham, I actually have to start thinking about meals again.  Fortunately, we got an amazing basket this week: two bags of carrots, two zucchini, tons of potatoes, oranges, corn, kiwi, lemons, tomatoes, onions, and another head of lettuce.  Combine that with our lingering veggies from last week and a bunch of meals still hanging out in our freezer, and I’ve decided it’s operation EAT EVERYTHING DOWN!  We’ve got less than a month at home until I take the kiddos to spend some time with the family in Virginia, so I’m thinking we’re going to try to clean out the freezer and our cupboard supply of canned everything, boxed potatoes, tuna (yes, you did just read that…we have tuna to eat…just not with jalapeno peppers!), a variety of pastas, and anything else I can find.

Our freezer isn’t exactly this full or organized, but you get the idea…

I’m not sure how excited Shawn will be about this plan, but I am looking forward to forced creativity and meal innovation.  So far, we are off to a good start.  I already put together a veggie chowder in the crock pot for tomorrow night.  We’ll have that with some turkey kielbasa I am defrosting.  Already, the chowder smells so good.  I put in carrots, onions, broccoli, potatoes, water, and seasonings.  Tomorrow, I’ll add the milk and cheese.

Here’s what I’m thinking for our meals this coming week, though I’m sure we’ll end up tweaking a bit:

Sunday: Veggie Chowder and Turkey Kielbasa

Monday: Moe’s Monday

Tuesday: Pasta Night

Wednesday: Mega Salad

Thursday: Chili

Friday: Leftovers


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