Riley’s Day One Remembered…

I remember April 7, 2008 in glimpses:

My gym bag packed in the backseat of the car…

The first day of spring break

An appointment for an ultrasound to check on the baby since I was measuring small…Shawn coming with me before heading to a track meet…

Sitting on the table and watching the ultrasound screen.  All that white around our little one…

My doctor saying, “See that white?  That’s calcification in your placenta.  It looks like we are going to meet this baby today.”

Me not breathing…

A rush to get registered

Shawn running home to get a bag of stuff for me, my list scrawled on the back of something…

A gown, monitors, IV, nurses, the anesthesiologist

I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast…

Back to the OR

The first attempt at the spinal leaves half of me tingly…

Shawn comes back…he’s smiling…

Not even two hours after our scheduled appointment, the baby is out…

“It’s a girl!  A Riley!” 

6 pounds, 6 ounces.

She’s okay, she’s crying, sort of.  She’s so small.

Two pictures are snapped: our first family portraits.  Then she is rushed off.  She’s grunting.

Then Shawn is gone with our daughter, and I am left alone.

Behind the curtain, it is quiet.  I can’t move.  A nurse squeezes my arm.  She asks if I’m okay.

I nod.  I’m okay.  Just worried.  Just overwhelmed.  Just looking forward to holding my baby girl.  I try to picture her, to hear the sounds again.  I wonder what is to come.  I’m thrilled.  I’m terrified.  My belly is empty, but I feel full.

And now, four years have passed.  Four wonderful, wonderful years.  Happy birthday, my Riley-kins.  I love you.



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