What’s a Mother to Do/Visit/Use/Tweet/Pin/Blog?

1.  Blog everything.  Then download it as a book or pay to have it made into a book.  Check out Blog Booker.  Bam – instant photo-rich baby book.

2.  Pin anything you blog or find online that might be helpful or inspiring to other moms.  Then repin like crazy anytime you need a new recipe for eggplant or ideas for a Candy Land Birthday Party.  If you are up in the middle of the night with a newborn, pin indiscriminately.  This sort of pinning feels productive and you’ll be ready the next time you have ten lemons in your refrigerator and you don’t want to make lemonade.


3.  Tweet what you’re reading about online, what your pinning, what you’re blogging, and maybe occasionally what you are doing and only if what you are doing has a link associated to it.  So in summary: only tweet about your online existence.  If it occurred off-line, don’t tweet it until you’ve turned it into a post or pin.

4.  Use SouthernSavers.com for coupons, grocery circulars, and sale information.  If you live in the South, it’s like one-stop shopping for frugal living.

5.  Use Evernote to keep track of and organize your ideas, keep track of important information, and store your online findings.  You can create different notebooks and tag your entries.  Even when you don’t have time to keep it all organized, Evernote lets you create new notes quickly and syncs all of your notes across all of your devices.  I use Evernote to keep track of my to-do list, shopping lists, Christmas lists, library information, party-planning ideas, even which contact prescription number goes with which eye.  It’s like Pinterest for your personal life!

6.  Use Pandora’s Baby Einstein station if you are home working or taking care of an infant all day.  Tunes are calming and pleasant and enjoyable for both baby and mom.  I especially like the Tom Petty instrumental chimes version of “Free Fallin’.”

7.  Visit Brainpickings.org.  A lovely site devoted to inspiring and recognizing creativity.  It offers interesting reading lists and links to blogs by today’s best and brightest thinkers.  Check it out.

8.  Do use a spoon to scrape peanut butter out of all the jar’s crevices when you think it is finished and before you throw it in the recycling container.  It’s a fun, feel-good snack because you have to out-game the jar and minimize wasted food.

9.  Do see The Hunger Games even if it means three fewer hours for sleep and/or school work.  It’s worth it.

10.  Do show up on the right day to a birthday party for your daughter’s friend.  If you do show up a day early, prepare to feel mortified – but thankful you have such sweet, amazing friends and a daughter who tries to cheer you up on the way home with nonsensical jokes about penguins eating their own legs.



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