Grocery Food Challenge: Weekly Report

Because we were out of town for two weekends in a row, our grocery shopping was sporadic and light and we took two weeks off of Bountiful Baskets.  But this week we started up again and even already did our grocery shopping for the week.  How did we do?  Not bad, not bad…


Bountiful Basket: 15 dollars.  What a great basket this week!  We scored six apples, six pears, six bananas, two lemons, about five tomatoes, two bags of carrots, one head of lettuce, two zucchinis, a pack of strawberries, six big green peppers, and even scallions.  All of that pretty much filled our refrigerator again.  Note: this is a picture from a previous basket…so not quite what we got this week.

Groceries: 33 dollars (In store savings, 31 dollars).  I went to Southern Savers this week to make and print a shopping list (complete with coupon match-ups). This week, we hit up Publix for a lot of BOGO deals: bread, cheese, mac and cheese (four boxes), vanilla wafers, Doritos, Kettle chips, frozen waffles, peanut butter, and I think one more thing that I’m forgetting.  I also picked up a container of greek yogurt (to try with some cake mix…I saw this recipe on Pinterest…) and cookie dough (for Riley’s birthday party…she wants a cookie cake…).  We really had to shop quickly to get to basket pick-up on time.  As a result, the trip was probably one of our most efficient and smooth ones.

At Kroger’s, we will probably pick up English muffins (you really can’t beat six for a dollar), eggs, and butter (I really need to bake something with all the lemons we have right now!).  But I don’t think we will spend more than 8 dollars.

That will bring our weekly total of groceries to 55 dollars (40 in stores, 15 on our basket).

Coupons: just one for the cookie dough: 1.25 off of two.

The Meal Plan

Sunday: Leftovers and cauliflower popcorn

Monday: Moes Monday

Tuesday: Chili-stuffed green peppers

Wednesday: Chicken strip salads

Thursday: Pasta Night

Friday: Not sure yet…maybe grilled cheese and a side dish of zucchini.  Possibly, zucchini tots (I saw the recipe idea on Pinterest last night!).

Saturday: no doubt we’ll be back to leftovers!

Footnote: Favorite Foods

1.  My dad picked up this blend of peanut, cashew, and almond butters from Target for me.   It is heavenly.  On bread, on bananas, even as an ice cream topping.  So, so good.  Thanks, Daddio.

2.  Riley has been doing a much better job of eating meals for us recently, which means a happier child who isn’t constantly asking for a snack.  Love it.

3.  I took the kids to Target the other night, and instead of getting the popcorn combo, we split two cookies for two dollars.  But the cookies were massive and so good!  Definitely a nice treat.


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