Survey Says…

This week, I came in at right under 60 dollars for a week’s worth of groceries. But, we also picked up a couple of extras at Publix for Shawn, the kids, and an upcoming church Easter egg hunt.

Here’s the breakdown:

Bountiful Basket = 15 dollars.  This week, we got green peppers, nectarines, mangoes, apples, lemons, cucumbers, lettuce, grapefruit, celery, potatoes, bananas, and cherry tomatoes.  We’ve already made a mango smoothie and had some grilled grapefruit.  Good stuff!

Walmart = 15 dollars.  We picked up mandarin oranges, apple sauce, pretzels, milk, and peanut butter crackers.

Publix = 29 dollars.  Candy for church, goldfish, more peanut butter crackers, salad dressing, peanut butter, two boxes of cereal, some turkey kielbasa, and a family size Stouffer’s lasagna (for just 2 dollars!).

Coupons used: Just one.  Boo.  2 dollars off a Stouffer’s entree.

The theme of the week was snacks and peanut butter, apparently.  Two things our family cannot get enough of!

We did end up going out for Chinese this week, too.  I was craving it!  But, we ended up getting two whole family dinners out of it and two lunches for Shawn and one for me.  Not too shabby for 25 dollars.

The next couple of weeks will be a little strange.  We won’t be going grocery shopping except for milk, really, since we’ll be out of town.  And no baskets for us, either.  But I think we will make up for what we save in groceries with food on the road.

Now for our meal plan for the week:

Monday: Random meat day with squash casserole (by random meat, I mean a pork chop and a sausage we had in the freezer).

Tuesday: Probably pasta night.  It will be just me and the kids for dinner, so it will definitely be something easy.

Wednesday: Maybe a salad?  Shawn’s been rocking the chopped salad lately and we just picked up new dressing.  Probably some cauliflower popcorn, too.

Thursday: Shawn’s up for this one…but probably a freezer meal.

Friday: We’ll be on the road!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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