Grocery Report and Meal Plan

Well, I wasn’t able to get down to 50 dollars this week, but we did manage to stick to 60 with a couple of superfluous buys thrown in there.  We hit up Kroger’s twice and purchased a bountiful basket.  I wasn’t at all impressed with Publix this week, so we stayed away.  Here’s the breakdown:

Fruit and veg basket = 15 dollars.

1st trip to Kroger’s: two bags of M&M’s, a pack of cookies, bread, and milk = 12 dollars.

2nd trip to Kroger’s: eggs, bread, coffee creamer, four boxes of cereal, chicken breasts, two bags of Chex mix, two bags of mini rice cakes, pretzels, peanut butter, English muffins, and toilet paper.  = 33 dollars.

Coupons used this week: 3 (2.55 saved)

Total spent = 60 even

So how does that translate into meals?  Here’s the plan (at least for now) for our dinners this week:

Monday: Moe’s Monday

Tuesday: Chicken patties and corn on the cob

Wednesday: Grilled chicken salad and cauliflower popcorn

Thursday: Pasta night

Friday: Still not sure…probably something with yellow squash…eggs/rice/cheese/yellow squash?  Another squash casserole?  Or squash as a side and something from the freezer!

Usually we figure out the weekends when we get there…some combo of leftovers, eating out, play dates, etc.

Hopefully, we’ll do a little better next week, but I am pretty happy.  As you can see, we all like to snack a lot!  But I think we balance that well with lots of fruits and veggies.


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