Why Grandparents Are Great…

1.  They drive eight hours to come see you and the grandkids.

2.  They watch the grandkids so you can disappear for five hours to grade essays.

3.  They make dinner…

4. …And help with the dishes afterward.

5.  They offer to rock Sidney and watch Mad Men so you can go to sleep.

6.  They take lots of pictures.

7.  They treat you to coffee because they know how much you need coffee.

8.  They do things you don’t, like allow bath time to become a wet, giggling mess, and convince you to that maybe you should do certain things if they lead to so much laughter.

9.  They draw really cool bubble letters.

10.  They have great taste in kids’ clothing.

11.  They plan wild adventures to children’s museums and Johnny Rockets and the mall and the YMCA.

12.  They stare at your baby and laugh when she smiles.  This reminds you to stare at your baby more.  To laugh more.

13.  Your kids adore them.


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