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How Forbes Stole A New York Times Article And Got All The Traffic

Titles are tough, right?  I think I spend more time on titles than on my posts.  My brother sent me this article, and it illustrates the power of a title so well.  Now, killer headlines are nothing new, but now there are so many places to go online.  There is so much to read and only so much online time.  So of course, my anxiety about titles is warranted.  I mean, how do I convince readers that my latest post is worth their time?  How do I attract the attention of other bloggers, other mothers?  And I think this also gets at a bigger underlying question: Why write?

For me now, I am writing to share my ideas and experiences – and, connect with other mothers.  I am interested in reflecting on my own trials and moments – and, seeing how other mothers deal with the stress in their life.  Writing this blog is about connection.  It’s an attempt to understand motherhood one post, one comment, one recipe at a time.

Okay, but what about the title?  Let the brainstorming begin…

1.  Snakes on a Plane (don’t ask)

2.  Why Write?

3. Title Anxiety

4.  Blog Stress

5.  What’s in a Title?

6.  Read Me

7.  The Trouble with Titles

Okay…think I got it.  Time to tag and publish!


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