Thoughts on Pinterest

Social Bookmarking?

Life Coach?



Personal Shopping Assistant?


I use Pinterest for all of these things fairly regularly.  It works for me because it allows for serendipity, as well as more focused discovery.  I either browse Pinterest to let the images and ideas roll over me (and then I repin and categorize the ones I really like and think I may use some day) or I type a term in the search box and seek inspiration that way.

Here’s an example:

I needed to make something with eggplant.  I scanned about ten different recipes (I wasn’t in the mood for eggplant parm, so I skipped all of those).  Finally, I went to the kitchen and got to work.  I  cut-up an eggplant, half an onion, and two small tomatoes.  I layered these in a baking dish with a little olive oil, breadcrumbs, and garlic.  Then I sprinkled basalmic vinegar, some cinnamon, and a little brown sugar on top.  I started cooking the dish at 375 degrees and checked on it every twenty minutes.  It probably took an hour.  While it was cooking, I tasted and added more vinegar and more garlic.  In the end, I made my own sweet and saucy eggplant.  And it turned out pretty good.

As I was working on my eggplant dish, I realized that Pinterest helped to show me different ways of working with eggplant, but I ultimately went to work without a recipe.  I was confident enough in my abilities and tastes to create my own dish.

For all things domestic especially, Pinterest provides a visually-based wealth of knowledge and ideas.  I’m a fan!  It has benefited my closet, my cooking, and my kids.  Thanks, Pinterest.

For your continued reading pleasure, here are a couple of articles a friend of mine at school shared with me on Pinterest.  See what you think!

Article in Salon.

Article in Slate.

How do you use Pinterest?


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Pinterest

  1. Love pinterest! Your eggplant dish – cinnamon, and balsamic – sounds interesting! Is there a formal recipe? When it comes to cooking, I’m not as great at making it up as I go along…lol.

    • Unfortunately, no…I really did taste it like every fifteen minutes. I started with just a couple of pinches of cinnamon and a couple splashes of balsamic, and added a bit more later in the cooking process. I never used to even attempt to cook without a recipe, so this was a new experience for me. 🙂

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