Last September, Shawn and I decided we would try to spend only sixty dollars a week on groceries.  So far, we’ve done pretty well.  Some weeks, we are five dollars over, other weeks ten under.  And this doesn’t count Moe’s Mondays or pizza nights…just groceries and produce.

But now, post baby prep and grandparents’ visits, we have a surplus of meals in our freezer: three Stouffer’s box dinners, two Voila meals, three containers of chili, a big bag of cabbage-potato soup, two packages of yellow squash casserole, stuffed cabbage, and macaroni and cheese.  We really have no room left in our freezer, and I am just about out of Tupperware!  

Today, I took all three kids with me to Target and Publix to celebrate President’s Day.  At Pulix, we spent 30 on food for the week.  Add that to our basket and we are only at 45!  Now, we will most likely need milk before the week is up, but I am thinking we can knock-down our grocery bill by ten to fifteen dollars a week.  

So that is my new goal: 45 dollars each week for food.  I’ll keep you updated…:)


4 thoughts on “Recalculating

  1. Woman! How do you do it? I’ve tried and there is no way I can keep my grocery bill that low! Impossible!!!!!! By the way, totally miss you! 🙂

    • Irene!! I’m not sure I can keep it this low either. 🙂 Meat is tricky. Usually, we stick with chicken, either fresh or frozen. And right now, we have a good base of meal ingredients, too. Miss you, too!! We so need to catch up sometime soon.

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