Survival Mode

A lot of people think (or at least tell me) I’m crazy to be back in school with three babies, and I might be. One trick I’ve learned is to operate in perpetual survival mode. Here’s what that mode looks like:

1. I only wear make-up and contacts on days I go to campus.
2. I do laundry and then let it sit in baskets until I have time to get it done.
3. Dishes stack up in the sink.
4. Showering is a to-do list item.
5. I read a lot while I work out at the YMCA now that Sidney is old enough for Kid-Watch.
6. I took shaving my legs off my to-do list.
7. No naps. At least not during the week.
8. Simple/Frozen/Shawn-made/Moe’s dinners.
10. No extraneous shopping, for the most part: online or otherwise.
11. Downtime from school and work = kid time.
12. Pop tarts.

The thing about survival mode is that it isn’t pretty (as you can see from the pictures and imagine me without make-up). But it lets me focus on my family and my work. I believe anyone can do anything for a certain amount of time. So until May, survival mode it is!


One thought on “Survival Mode

  1. this sounds like me so much!! except i haven’t fit in the work out time yet…but the laundry and dishes, plus the make up, shower and leg shave items for sure! glad to know i’m not the only one. I’m in school and have 2 babies.

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