I am five weeks into the spring semester.  It’s almost four in the morning.  I just slept almost six hours in a row.  Six.  Because it’s the middle of the night and I slept so much, I feel almost giddy.  And I feel like sharing.  Confessing, really.  Time to break out a list:

1.  Except for cooking at my parents’ home over the holidays, I think I have made dinner once since Sidney was born.  I owe Grandma, Grandpa, and Shawn a lot for getting me and the kids fed.  And we have a freezer full of frozen meals (Thank you Grandpa and Voila!), so I don’t plan on cooking for a while.  Except I told Shawn I would make him scalloped potatoes tomorrow.  Otherwise, I’m done.

2.  I toggle back and forth between high anxiety and working calm.  Some days, I am convinced I will not have enough time to get everything done for school and spend enough time with my kids.  Other days, life seems completely manageable, and I even have time to browse Pinterest or bake citrus butter cookies with Riley and Adrian.

3.  I only used half the butter the cookie recipe called for.  Four sticks seemed outrageous!  I used two and added some applesauce.  They were still delicious.  I ate twice as many as I would have otherwise.

4.  I don’t read a lot of news these days.  If you asked me what was happening in the world today, I could give you a brief report based on the twenty minutes I listen to NPR on my way to school Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Otherwise, forget about it.

5.  I watched every episode of Jersey Shore that was on Netflix streaming over the summer.

6.  I hoard snacks I like in the house.  Recently, we bought M&M’s because they were on sale.  I kept the first bag (we’re talking big bags here) of peanut ones all to myself.  I didn’t even tell Shawn I had opened them.  I didn’t think the kids needed them, and Shawn had his own bag of regular M&M’s.

7.  I can and do eat icing and peanut butter by the spoonful.

8.  I would prefer to wear only leggings every day.  As pants, that is.  I mean leggings with a shirt of course.  But sometimes I worry that I shouldn’t wear leggings because 1. I am getting older (just turned 29) and 2. I’ve only worked out once since having Sidney and I am self-conscious about my legs.  Okay, about my whole body, but that is beside the point.

9.   Sometimes, I think I can sing.  Riley would completely disagree with this, but under the right circumstances and with the right song, I wonder if I shouldn’t just go audition for American Idol and be done with it.

10.  If I wasn’t married with three children (that sounds like it could be the title of a tv show or something…), I would definitely try to be a contestant on the Bachelor.

11.  I love reality TV.

12.  I used to play WOW with my husband.  I even had a level 70 rogue (back when level 70 was the highest level).

13. I love being pregnant.  I don’t like how I look pregnant, but I love the experience of it.

14.  I worry a lot.  About my kids.  About my family.  About getting my work done.  About money.

15.  I like my pancakes a little gooey in the middle. And, I get really upset if Shawn makes them for me and they turn out too dry.  Ask him.  He knows better now.  I think.


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