Sunday in Atlanta

Our family fieldtrip to Atlanta was a big success! First we went to the Children’s Museum which was a blast for Riley and Adrian. The museum had sand tables, water tables, a paint area, a special section devoted to Clifford, a market, a tree house, a stage, a garden, and a machinery section.  Everything was on one floor, and the space was designed really well.  They even had a nursing room for moms, tables for families to eat at, and birthday party spaces.  Mostly, Shawn and I divided and conquered.  One of us would go with Riley, the other with Adrian and Sidney.  We spent a solid two and a half hours there, and Riley wasn’t quite ready to leave (though Adrian was exhausted!).  What fun!

A couple of observations:

1.  Children’s museums need more than one changing table in a bathroom.  Every time I went to the bathroom, there was a line!

2. Atlanta moms know how to rock the heels! In my North Face fleece, jeans, and Sperry’s, I would have fit right in in Athens, but I was definitely under-dressed as a mom for Atlanta!  My feet hurt just watching these women chase after their toddlers.

Afterwards, we headed a couple of miles down the road to IKEA.  For Shawn and the kids, it was their first time.  Riley went to play in Smallland for forty-five minutes, and the rest of us chugged it around the showroom and marketplace.  Forty-five minutes flies in IKEA!  We picked up a couple of wooden toys Shawn wanted to get Adrian, some new plastic-ware for the kids (I am always running out of bowls.  By the end of the day, I think we go through a dozen easily!), a new lint-roller, a closet organizer, and some batteries.  A quick note: these closet organizers are fantastic.  Really sturdy, lots of space, looks good.  I already had this one in pink for Riley’s stuff, but I wanted one in green for Adrian’s.

I am looking forward to a time when we can do some major IKEA shopping, but that will have to wait until I am making good money again and we are settled somewhere.  Shawn even said we could.  And now that I’ve blogged about it, he can’t back out! 🙂

We hit McDonald’s on the way home because I didn’t want to cook or have to clean anything, I had an 80 page article to read, and I really wanted this…


2 thoughts on “Sunday in Atlanta

  1. Love the name of the new blog, and next time when in IKEA you got to have the meatballs in the cafeteria and one dollar ice cream:))
    The museum is great, my favorite is the water and “finishing”:)) And you know that the Aquarium is just down the street from there:)

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